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The Philadelphia City Commissioners Office is looking for a local web developer or design firm to assist with an overhaul of its current website.

The redesigned website should be attractive, easy to use, and easy for Commissioners Office staff to administer. Specific requirements for the design of the new website are below, but in general the new site should be based on one of the more commonly used CRM frameworks like WordPress or Drupal, should include a minimum of custom plugins or components, should utilize a strict separation of content and styling, and should adhere to responsive web design principles. Furthermore, there must also be a Spanish language version of the website. The Commissioners Office can provide translation assistance to any web developer or design firm for which assistance is required.

The total project budget for the web site redesign is not to exceed $10,000. An initial website, with basic functions, should be completed by a public launch date of May 15, 2013. The final website, with full functionality, should be completed by July 1, 2013.

Detailed Requirements

Specific site elements to be included in redesign:


  • Main Menu buttons
  • News Feed with links to recent updates (e.g. Voter ID), announcements, etc.
  • Important Dates (date of next election w/ a countdown clock, deadlines, public meeting dates / location, etc.)
  • Contact information for each Commissioner’s office

(Main Menu Button) VOTERS

  • Requirements to vote (age, residency, ID, etc.)
  • Check your registration status
  • Where is my polling location?
  • Who are my elected officials?
    • Committee People
    • Ward Leader
    • Local, State, Federal officials
  • Election Calendar (registration deadline, Election date, absentee ballot deadline, public meeting schedule, etc.)
  • Downloadable forms
    • Voter Registration Application (upload once complete?)
    • Absentee Ballot Application (upload once complete?)
  • Check Provisional Ballot status (link to DOS)
  • Certified List of Candidates
    • Ballot Numbers
  • Sample Ballot (Pink Sheet)
  • Common language explanations of Ballot Questions


  • Watchers Certificates online request form
  • Election Calendar for Candidates / Campaigns
    • Finance Filing deadlines
    • Nominating Petition circulation period
    • Petition Appeals period
    • Ballot Number drawing date & location


  • Online training materials
    • Downloadable Election Guide
    • Video training?
  • Calendar with training dates and locations
  • TV schedule of public broadcasts of trainings
  • Online Election Board Worker petition/affidavit for appointments and vacancies


  • Maps – Maps showing boundaries of Wards, Divisions, Districts, Polling Locations (showing which divisions vote there)
  • Prior year election results (available in multiple formats, sortable in multiple ways)
  • Department Reports and Publications
  • Public Meeting transcripts
  • Department Budget

(Main Menu Button) CONTACT

  • Department directory
    • Commissioner Offices – Commissioner names and pictures, room numbers, staff names, emails, office phones, and fax
    • Units – Supervisor names, unit name, office location, supervisor email, office phone, and fax

Submitting a Proposal

Interested parties should send a succinct proposal in either Word or PDF format to the attention of Valerie Crawford.

All proposals are due no later than 5:00 PM EDT on April 4th, 2013.

2 comments on “City Commissioner Website Redesign
  1. Does the City Commissioner’s office have any analytics of usage of their current website? I can see that they are not using Google Analytics. Is there any data that you can share regarding traffic and page hits/visits over the course of the election cycle.

    I’m evaluating the hosting options that might be required for safely and reliably hosting the new website, for the proposal I’m writing.

    Thank you!

  2. admin says:

    Unfortunately, updated statistics are not available. Do note that the site that typically gets the heaviest traffic is for election results (on the night of primary and general elections), which is outside the scope of this project:

    Best advice is to offer a range of assumptions on usage (use your best judgement) with corresponding costs associated with each level of usage.


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