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The Managing Director’s Office is looking for a videographer to create a 3-5 minute video about innovation in Philadelphia. The video should highlight the City’s unique history of innovation and tie it to what’s happening today, such as innovations in customer service through Philly311, in public safety through the Police Department, and in community engagement through PhillyRising.

Submitting a Proposal

NOTE – The period for submitting responses to this proposal has closed.

Interested parties should send a brief proposal to the attention of Tim Wisniewski ( no later than 12:00 PM EDT on Thursday, April 11th, 2013, including:

  • Information about the individual/company
  • Relevant work samples
  • Cost proposal
  • Approximate timeline
8 comments on “Innovation Video
  1. Are you looking for a wide range of possible costs in this initial proposal, to be refined later with a more specific scope of work? Is this initial cost estimate binding, or are you just determining vendors who could work within your budget range?

    Regarding your request for an approximate timeline, do you have a goal date for final delivery in mind?

    • twisniewski says:

      The initial estimate is not binding. It is understandable to expect the price to vary once the specific requirements of the video are established and explained; that said, proposals should give a close idea of what a project like this would cost (an estimate) – one way to convey this would be through cost options/ranges, as you mentioned.

    • twisniewski says:

      While we’d love to release the video as soon as we can, we do not have a hard deadline at this point and are open to basing our expectations on the various timeline proposals we receive.

  2. Hi Tim, Just curious if you have budget limitations for this project. Excited to submit for this video!!

    • twisniewski says:

      Glad to hear your enthusiasm. We’re hoping the proposals we receive will provide competitive options cost-wise. As I mentioned in my reply to Michael, feel free to include cost options in your proposal.

  3. Corey Forbus says:

    Hey Tim, curious if the Managing Director’s Office will entertain proposals from folks based outside the Philly area. There are Philly lovers all the way down here in Florida (where we’re based)! I’ve fallen for the city over the last decade; my best friend from college is from Downingtown and we get into the city at least twice a year for Roots Picnic and a Phils game. Before I pour our heart and soul into something I just want to make sure that the office will entertain offers from outside the City of Brotherly Love. Thanks in advance!



    • twisniewski says:

      Hi Corey, glad to hear of your love for Philly. It sounds like it may be difficult from a logistical and cost perspective commuting from Florida (eg. say we need to reshoot a scene), and this is not a huge project, but you’re welcome to submit a proposal.

  4. twisniewski says:

    Due to requests for extension, we are going to accept proposals until tomorrow 4/11 at 12:00 noon EDT.

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