PRA Website Redesign


The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) was created under State legislation, incorporated as an urban renewal agency in 1945 and is governed by a five-member Board of Directors appointed by the Mayor of Philadelphia. The Agency’s purpose is to remove physical blight to promote public health, safety, and welfare by recycling land for planned development and reuse. The PRA’s activities are geared toward providing land and/or capital for projects, with the ultimate goal of producing new residential and nonresidential developments.


Create and build a focused, visually compelling, dynamic online presence to support the business and future growth of the PRA as a prominent agency serving the City by providing public land for purchase and development financing. The new site will replace the current Authority website. The PRA is looking to partner with a vendor that specializes in web development and design, with strong experience in branding and marketing, with a preference toward those firms that have past experience with public and/or non-profit sector entities.

The PRA seeks to inform website visitors about the various services provided by the PRA and to communicate our process for land acquisition. The new website will also inform the general public about PRA activities and will serve as a resource for information regarding upcoming projects.

The full RFP describing this opportunity can be found on the PRA website. Interested vendors are encouraged to post questions about this opportunity here, and responses will be shared with all interested parties. Alternatively, you may send questions directly to the PRA.

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