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The Office of Innovation & Technology (OIT) seeks an electronic signature platform for a 5-8 month pilot project involving the approval workflows of 3 or more internal forms as well as the signing of contract documents. The intended timeline of the project is from November 2013 through March or June 2014. The platform should include the ability to provide legally binding signatures as well as a workflow/routing tool to accommodate complex approval workflows.

The details of each form intended for use in the pilot can be found in this document. Should it go well, however, we would like to add other forms to the pilot with various volumes and workflows associated with them. Please provide detailed pricing options and how your product compares to its competitors.

Submit proposals to Tim Wisniewski, Director of Civic Technology, at tim.wisniewski@phila.gov no later than Monday, October 28, 2013 at 12:00 pm EDT.

Please post any questions as a comment below.

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2 comments on “Electronic Signature Platform
  1. Jessie says:

    Hi All!

    Here are a few questions we have after reviewing this RFP:

    1) Does the system need to provide web-based entry and validation specific to each form and store the form results? Or, should the system merely accept the upload of a document, URL, or reference identifier to the form and then facilitate and track the approval workflow around it.

    2) Does the city have an identity or electronic authentication system in place that the system should integrate with for securing access to signature form and collecting additional evidence of signature?

    3) Same as #2, but for vendors?



    • twisniewski says:

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      1) Web based entry would be helpful in that we wouldn’t have to start off in a word processor every time and keep track of document versions. There will be occasions, however, such as with contracts, where each document will be unique and we’ll just go straight from the upload.

      2) Our most basic level of authentication is access to an email account (via active directory). It would be helpful to consider higher levels of authentication for our more sensitive documents, but I believe email should suffice for most internal forms.

      3) I don’t anticipate vendors having to do anything other than signing and perhaps filling in their name and title. Authentication-wise, I’d say the same as #2.

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