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The City of Philadelphia seeks (1) a mobile application and (2) a web application for Philly 311 which will provide a real-time civic engagement platform allowing Philadelphians to report neighborhood issues directly into Philadelphia government work-order systems from their smart phone or internet browser.

Application Requirements

  • Issue Reporting

    • Users can report issues such as potholes, graffiti, broken street lights, etc.

    • Reporting allows users to specify location, description, and attach a photo

    • Mobile reporting utilizes phone’s GPS to help specify the location

    • Optional anonymous reporting

  • Work-order System Integration

    • Reported issues are directly added to existing City software: Novo Solutions CRM,, CityWorks 2010.1 SP2

  • Social Media Integration

    • Users can report issues via Facebook and Twitter

  • View Existing Issues

    • Users can view issues displayed on a map

    • Users can view a text-based list of issues

    • Mobile application defaults to displaying nearby issues in these views

  • Issue Status Tracking

    • Users can track the status of reports they or other users have submitted

    • Users can request notifications when a report’s status has changed

  • Input Quality

    • Information entered with reports is validated to ensure data accuracy

    • Administrators can specify which information is required for each type of request

    • Addresses are verified against list of City addresses

  • Cross-Platform

    • Mobile application available for free download for all of the most common smart phone platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS)

    • Cross-browser compliant web interface

  • Administrative Tools

    • Statistical dashboard view available to administrators

    • Report generation available to administrators

  • Support

    • On-going maintenance to ensure functionality and device compatibility

    • Training guide for use of mobile/web interfaces made available

    • Training guide for use of dashboard/reporting functionality made available

  • City of Philadelphia branding (removal of third-party branding)


The deadline for response is: Monday, June 9, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

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16 comments on “Philly 311 Mobile App
  1. twisniewski says:

    We’ve received several requests for an extension of the deadline. The deadline has been extended to Monday, June 9, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

  2. geoffd says:

    Sounds like a great project. Wondering if you could answer a few questions:

    1. To confirm, with this project are you looking for some to make a web application and also separate native apps for iOS, Android, and BlackberryOS for Philly 311?

    2. Can you share more information about the integration of the systems? APIs, etc?

    3. What is the max budget for this project?

    4. Are you saying “City of Philadelphia branding (removal of third-party branding)” because you have certain “canned” products already in mind?


    • twisniewski says:

      Hi Geoff,

      1) Yes

      2) The work will require integrations with custom workflows be built to the systems mentioned. The integrations include REST, SOAP, and one that currently involves HTML scraping in the current 311 mobile app

      3) The maximum the law allows us to spend with this contract vehicle is $32,000

      4) We are aware of several off-the-shelf products out there, including the product we currently have implemented (PublicStuff). This requirement was included because off-the-shelf products would have to remove third-party branding.

      • geoffd says:


        Do you like PublicStuff? Do you want to keep it? Or is this something you want to change?

        Either way, what are some strengths and weaknesses of the app and the value of staying with it verses switching?


  3. Hi Tim.

    Is their a specific format you would like to receive responses in, or are you simply looking for a statement of capabilities and pricing.

    James Sullivan
    311 Advocate

    • twisniewski says:

      Hi James,

      There is not a standard submission template but we’d expect a proposal format the describes and pitches your product (particularly how it meets or exceeds our requirements) as well as detailed cost information.

  4. Ben Shive says:

    Is this considered to be a single project or multiple ones? I don’t think it’s possible to handle all of the requirements under the maximum (32k) bid mark. In breaking this down I actually see 3 different components since there are the mobile apps, the web app, and then the administrative/workflow requirements.

  5. sharpwitz says:

    1. Could you expand on “Users can report issues via Facebook and Twitter”

    I believe Philly 311 already has a Twitter and Facebook page that can be used by citizens to submit city issues. Are you talking about natural language processing in this case?

    2. You mentioned “The integrations include REST, SOAP, and one that currently involves HTML scraping in the current 311 mobile app”

    Are you saying you would like to transfer old data to the upcoming CRM or only current data to the upcoming CRM?

    Thank you.


    3. What features would you like to see that is not currently available with your Philly 311 App.

  6. sharpwitz says:

    1. Work order integration
    Reported issues are directly added to existing City software: Novo Solutions CRM,, CityWorks 2010.1 SP2

    Q: Are you looking for a standard API that outputs the service requests data in XML or JSON format where the other Vendors (Salesforce, CityWorks, and Novo) would create scripts on their end to parse the data provided by the API?

    Q2: Do the other Vendors offer scripts that can work with the Open 311 format?

    Q3: Are you expecting the Vendor for this contract to create custom scripts that directly submits service requests to each of the CRMs? If so, could you provide detailed specs and any APIs that each CRM uses to take in data.

    Q4: Will we be working with the developers of the other CRM systems?

    2. Social Media Integration
    Users can report issues via Facebook and Twitter

    Q: Philly 311 currently has a Facebook and Twitter Page that takes in service requests. Could you expand on what you looking for with the above request. Are you seeking natural language processing of conversations on Facebook and Twitter?

    • twisniewski says:

      Hi Minh,

      1) No

      2) SalesForce does, but the others do not so integrations would need to be built

      3) Yes we are. We don’t have specs for integrations because the systems were not built to accommodate integrations like this; custom integrations would need to be built as we did with PublicStuff.

      4) Not quite sure what you mean by this, but yes you would be able to contact the vendors that provide our systems.

      5) No, only the ability to initiate service requests from these portals

  7. 1. What is the data source for the address verification?
    2. Is Blackberry required? Various surveys have Blackberry at less than 1% market share
    3. Is the web interface requested for administration or end users?
    4. Does your version of Cityworks include support for the Open311 integration standard?
    5. What is the timeline for “Go-Live” for this new 311App?
    6. Is there a required Cost Response Format?

    • twisniewski says:

      Hi Kristin,

      1) We have a REST API for address verification
      2) We’re willing to revisit this but I’d suggest including the cost of a BB app separately in your pricing (as an option) if possible
      3) End users
      4) No but we have a simple REST API in front of it that can assist
      5) As soon as possible
      6) There is no template but it is helpful to see costs broken down/itemized with options

  8. Jeff Mooney says:

    Hi Tim – Do you need to receive a hard copy by 9 am on Monday or is email delivery preferred?


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