Open Data Strategic Plan

The City of Philadelphia’s open data team is looking for a great communicator to take the extensive research we’ve done and turn it into a professional report/strategic plan that’s easy to digest for the average citizen. For an example of what we mean, take a look at the Greenworks Report or the OIG Report.

We have already performed research, drawn conclusions, received input from other sources, and drafted an outline. We would like assistance drafting the text, making it easier to understand for general audiences, and producing charts or visualizations where appropriate to illustrate key points. Ideally, this partner would know how to word things in a way that is sensitive to our various groups of stakeholders.

The outline we have is 2 pages, and it pertains to (1) What we’ve done, (2) What we’ve learnt, (3) Our research, and (4) Our new strategy. As to the length of the document, we’re hoping this partner can help us determine the ideal length, containing enough information but slim enough that it will be read.

We would like to have this document ready to publish by mid-August (though the sooner the better). We’re hoping that the work we’ve already done will make this a reasonable timeline.

Proposals need not be more than 1-2 pages, and can use the following template:

  • Company name
  • Location of company
  • A few links to samples of similar work performed by the company (where you drafted the text)
  • Approximate time it would take to deliver based on this project description (range is okay)
  • Cost proposal, ideally with pricing options (ie. the amount of graphic design, the option to reach out to stakeholders for more input, the option to get it done quicker, etc.)

Please send proposals, including work samples, to Tim Wisniewski, Chief Data Officer, at no later than Monday, July 28th at 12:00 PM EDT (noon).

Please post any questions below as a comment on this posting so that Q&A can be available to all interested parties. Questions sent via email will be directed back to this posting.


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8 comments on “Open Data Strategic Plan
  1. Can the two-page outline be provided?
    How many pages of material support the two-page outline: research, input from other sources, and conclusions drawn?
    In order to make a correlation between the Open Data Strategic Plan project and the two example reports, what was the volume of information that was available for the preparation of each of the reports?
    How many stakeholders contributed to the preparation of the outline and supporting documentation?

    • twisniewski says:

      Hi Sandra,

      1) The outline is based around the four topics listed in the posting. Are you able to send in a proposal without seeing the full detail of the outline? I’d much prefer to release the final report than just the outline if possible. I understand this may require proposals to have a “range” or flexibility.

      2) The research itself is one big spreadsheet, but we have about 5 pages of material, including some charts, that represent conclusions drawn from the research.

      3) I wasn’t involved in the two reports referenced so I can’t say for sure. What I was hoping to convey with those was the writing style and “easy-to-digest” presentation that we’re after.

      4) We’ve presented/got feedback from 7 internal stakeholders (in the City) and 8 external stakeholders (representing various communities). We’d like to get even more feedback from them wherever possible.

      • Hi Tim – Thank you for your response. Your answers are helpful and I can work out a range based on this additional information. I can understand you not wanting to release the outline prematurely. I’ll be sure to reach out if I have any more questions.

  2. Marcy Coffey says:

    Hi Tim:

    Just a few questions for you:

    1) Will custom photography be needed for this project? If so, please provide an idea of photo contents/number of photos.

    2) Will the report be printed? If so, what is the quantity and should printing be included in our estimate?

    Marcy, WFGD Studio

  3. twisniewski says:

    Questions sent via email due to web site difficulties:

    1) I’m trying to get a sense of how many charts/graphs/tables there may be and how many and to what degree of complexity of any info graphics.

    2) I realize you are looking for the potential writer for the project to suggest size/length, but am wondering if you have a guestimate? If not, we will assume 20 pages + cover based on the two samples you have referenced.

    • twisniewski says:

      1) We currently have about 5 charts/graphs pulling from one big spreadsheet. Ideally the vendor would tell us something like, “you don’t need a chart to explain that,” or, “you should really have a graph to illustrate that,” but that’s what we have now.

      2) I think 20+ pages is too long – I would suggest closer to 10 or even fewer. Open data’s exciting but after too many pages I think folks would fall asleep!

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