Pattern Portfolio RFI

The City of Philadelphia is seeking information from design firms regarding the creation a pattern portfolio for the next version This pattern portfolio will help the City provide a consistent interface across all of our public information and digital services. We are seeking an experience for our neighbors (i.e. users) that is simple, crisp, respectful, and delightful.

We are still gathering information, so please note that no contract will be awarded at this time. This information will help us determine the feasibility of the project and frame a subsequent RFP (Request for Proposal). Any future contract will be awarded via, eContract Philly, or similar contracting process.


Any future contract will have the following expectations:

  • Context. You will work with our team to understand the needs of the users, which includes both our neighbors in Philadelphia and City employees who will be maintaining content. This may include information architecture, user testing, etc.
  • Expertise. Pattern portfolios are tools you’ve employed on countless projects. You’re an expert. This work will be done in cooperation with our internal design team as to 1) avoid beginner pitfalls and 2) equip our team with even greater expertise.
  • Openness. We expect this work to be done in an open and transparent way on a public GitHub repository.


Any future contract will have the following deliverables:

  • An online pattern portfolio, hosted on GitHub and GitHub Pages.
  • Sample page layouts that will be starter templates for our most common types of information.
  • Documented guidelines as necessary.


The following are examples of good pattern portfolios from government, non-profit, and commercial organizations.

To Provide Feedback

The City is currently gathering information in order to understand the options available. Again, this information will help us determine the feasibility of the project and frame a subsequent RFP. Please email Aaron Ogle at aaron.ogle [at] by Wednesday, November 5th at 5pm with the following information:

  • Brief description of proposed work. Keep it succinct, no more than a page or two.
  • Estimated cost. Brief details would be useful, including any options available.
  • Up to three links of examples of previous work.
  • Contact information (company name and location, contact name, title, email, and phone)
One comment on “Pattern Portfolio RFI
  1. Aaron Ogle says:

    I got a few additional questions that I wanted to share with everyone:

    Q. Should we assume that the style assets (Photoshop files, fonts, etc) already exist and will be provided?
    A. Yes, we do have style assets and will provide them.

    Q. You mention collaborating with your internal team. What is the team makeup?
    A. We have two developers and three designers focusing on this project.

    Q. Have you chosen a CMS for hosting?
    A. We are leaning towards WordPress at the moment.

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