Illustration Support for Animated Video

The City of Philadelphia’s recently produced an animated video highlighting its community engagement programs. The Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT) is now seeking an illustrator to assist in the production of a second animated video to highlight the City of Philadelphia’s Center of Excellence.

The ideal artist will be able to illustrate 25 unique scenes, striking the same look as the previously animated video. The artist will be expected to design and illustrate scenes and scenic details using Adobe Illustrator for an OIT creative media specialist to animate. OIT will be providing hand-drawn storyboards for this project to serve as rough guidelines for the scenes.

Proposals should be sent to Ryan Birchmeier at by Monday December 22, 2014 and should include the following information:

·         Cost Estimate

·         Estimated timeline

·         Relevant work samples

·         Resume

*Please keep proposals between 1-2 pages

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