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In 2014, the City of Philadelphia, through the Office of Special Events, was recognized as a “World Festival & Event City” by the International Festival & Event Association (IFEA). The Office of Special Events is looking for a digital media partner (to include a videographer) to create a video highlighting the positive impact of events on local businesses & communities. The video will also recognize various aspects of Philadelphia’s special events community. The budget for this project is capped at $5,000.


We suggest that the final product include:

  • Interviews with City officials and members of the local special event industry
  • Infographics
  • Footage from special events (dates and locations TBD)
  • Historical documentation (video, pictures, etc.)


Project Management Assistance:

  • Provide consulting services in the development stages of a video production project
  • Work with staff to coordinate roles, responsibilities and expectations for the project
  • Coordinate quality control of all development work and deliverables
  • Ensure the project(s) stay on schedule and within scope and budget

Production and Direction:

  • Assist with development of timelines, storyboards and/or scripts
  • Scout locations and schedule shoots
  • Coordinate required personnel and technicians
  • Secure “b-roll” footage from various sources as needed
  • Conduct video shoots, providing all necessary equipment and qualified operators


  • Provide post-production services to edit raw footage into the finished product, including rough cut and final editing, sound mixing and visual effects
  • Provide supplemental graphics and audio as needed
  • Deliver finished product(s) in desired formats

Submitting a Proposal

Interested parties should send a brief proposal to the attention of Robert T. Allen (robert.t.allen@phila.gov) no later than 12:00PM EST on Friday, April 17th, 2015. All questions relating to this opportunity should be posted in the comment section below to ensure that all vendors receive the same information, at the same time. Proposals should include the following:

  • Information about the individual/company
  • Relevant work samples
  • Cost proposal
  • Creative vision for the project

*The final product is due no later than 12:00PM EST on Friday, June 19th, 2015*

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