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The City of Philadelphia seeks (1) a mobile application and (2) a web application for Philly 311 which will provide a real-time civic engagement platform allowing Philadelphians to report neighborhood issues directly into Philadelphia government work-order systems from their smart phone or internet browser.

Application Requirements

  • Issue Reporting

    • Users can report issues such as potholes, graffiti, broken street lights, etc.

    • Reporting allows users to specify location, description, and attach a photo

    • Mobile reporting utilizes phone’s GPS to help specify the location

    • Optional anonymous reporting

  • Work-order System Integration

    • Reported issues are directly added to existing City software built on the platform via Software AG web services that serve as an enterprise service bus

  • Social Media Integration

    • Users can report issues via Facebook and Twitter

  • View Existing Issues

    • Users can view issues displayed on a map

    • Users can view a text-based list of issues

    • Mobile application defaults to displaying nearby issues in these views

  • Issue Status Tracking

    • Users can track the status of reports they or other users have submitted

    • Users can request notifications when a report’s status has changed

  • Input Quality

    • Information entered with reports is validated to ensure data accuracy

    • Administrators can specify which information is required for each type of request

  • Cross-Platform

    • Mobile application available for free download for all of the most common smart phone platforms (iOS, Android)

    • Cross-browser compliant web interface

  • Administrative Tools

    • Statistical dashboard view available to administrators

    • Report generation available to administrators

  • Support

    • On-going maintenance to ensure functionality and device compatibility

    • Training guide for use of mobile/web interfaces made available

    • Training guide for use of dashboard/reporting functionality made available

  • City of Philadelphia branding (removal of third-party branding)


Additional Questions

Please post any questions as a comment below this solicitation on so that additional information provided in any Q&A will be available for all potential submitters to review. Any questions sent via email will be directed back to the comment section below the solicitation on

Details on Submitting: 

Please submit brief proposals to by Monday, June 1, 2015 at 9:00 AM EDT

16 comments on “Philly 311 Mobile App
  1. Is the City looking to replace the existing Philly 311/PublicStuff mobile app? If so can you describe what’s not working/not desirable about that solution?

    • twisniewski says:

      Hi Rachel, this posting is not an indication of dissatisfaction with our current provider, PublicStuff; rather, it is a commitment to a competitive process.

  2. Kam says:

    @Tim, does the Work Order Integration support Open311 or is the integration against a custom/proprietary API?


  3. Ami Assayag says:

    I know the city has been working on a big Salesforce implementation recently, and was wondering why this project is not done through the same effort. Salesforce Communities can be branded and can be packaged in a mobile app form. It then allows you seamless connection to your Salesforce data and all site administration can be done through Salesforce. So I guess my question is if this direction was considered? If it is a possibility, would you consider adding another Salesforce consultancy to develop this project in addition to your current Salesforce implementation vendor?

  4. Z.fuentes says:

    Although we have worked with Government contracts, we have never worked Philadelphia directly. Is there a specific format proposals should be in?

    • twisniewski says:

      Hi Z, most vendors submit brief PDF documents (a few pages describing the company, what they propose / how it meets the requirements, cost and timeline)

  5. todd b says:

    Question received via email: “I currently do not have a registered business, what qualifications do I need to be considered for a contract on bigideaphl?”

    Answer: Your qualifications should be evident in your proposal and you do not need any specific licenses or registrations to submit a proposal.

    Outside of this opportunity specifically, you may want to consult an accountant to understand the various options and pros and cons associated with various ways of forming a business.

    Some of what you may need, if selected, depends on if you are submitting as an individual or an entity.

    If selected, you may need to get a Commercial Activity License from the City and you also may need to secure a Business Income and Receipts number. More on how to get those things here: (and again you don’t need them to submit a proposal)

    Also, if selected, you will very likely need a w9 (with either your social or a EIN for your entity)

    Also, if selected, the revenue department will be checking to make sure you and/or your entity do not currently owe the City $ and are currently in compliance regarding with taxes etc. If you want to speak with them, the number to do so is (215) 686-6600

  6. RGTaylor says:

    Would the City of Philadelphia entertain extending the due date to June 15?

    • twisniewski says:

      Rather than doing a deadline of the end of the week (5/29), it was already extended to the following Monday (6/1). Please note that we requested brief proposals in the solicitation.

  7. Will the City consider granting an extension to the due date for this proposal? If so, what is the new due date? Thank you.

    • twisniewski says:

      Rather than doing a deadline of the end of the week (5/29), it was already extended to the following Monday (6/1). Please note that we requested brief proposals in the solicitation.

  8. ueuniverse says:

    Can you please provide timelines / process after the proposals submission deadline?

  9. ueuniverse says:

    When is City’s targeted implementation date?

  10. Chet Dagit says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond with our proposal for the Philly 311 Mobile App development program.
    Twitter: @RTPholdings

    “We help companies position-enable their mobile apps, wireless infrastructure, and mobility solutions.”

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