Closed-Seeking unconventional and creative marketing + outreach

The Office of Innovation & Technology (OIT), in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office and with funding from the Bloomberg Philanthropies, seeks to hire an individual, firm, or team to help us undertake some attention-getting outreach and marketing for planned upgrades to the Big ideas PHL website.

Big Ideas PHL hosts solicitations for professional service contracts less than $32,000. We are concurrently posting a solicitation for proposals to upgrade Big Ideas PHL which we hope will be of interest to technologists etc.

This solicitation seeks unconventional and creative marketing and outreach to drive interest from new vendors and get the word out about contract opportunities posted on Big Ideas PHL. We are specifically interested in attracting new vendors: folks who are typically not aware of, or interested in, government contracts.

We are fairly open minded about the proposed approach, the sequence, and the timing.

We imagine that potential channels could include:

  • Hosting events and sponsorships with the startup community and colleges in Philadelphia, and potentially in other cities
  • Social media activities and/or advertising
  • Unconventional print advertising
  • Other TBD

The budget is $10,000

We would welcome proposals that were coordinated with responses to the solicitation for actually upgrading the Big Ideas PHL website, but that is not a requirement.  

Additional Questions:

Please post any questions as a comment below this solicitation on so that additional information will be available for all potential submitters to review. Any questions sent via email will be directed back to the comments section on

Details on Submitting:  

Please send proposals to Todd Baylson  ( no later than Tuesday 12/22/15  at 5:00 PM EST.  Please articulate as you see fit, but in less than 2,500 words and in under 5 pages/slides, your proposal to undertake creative and unconventional marketing and outreach to get the word about Big Idea PHL’s replacement to as many people, and especially new vendors, as possible. How you use the up to 2,500 words and fill up to 5 pages/slides is entirely up to you.

We hope to select a vendor promptly, and begin the work early in 2016. We will work with the selected vendor on a mutually agreeable schedule (it won’t be as compressed as this)

We appreciate that this is a very short turnaround. We are working within the confines of a grant agreement and need to have this occur on an expedited timeline. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


This project is funded by the Bloomberg Philanthropies as part of FastFWD. FastFWD was created through the City of Philadelphia’s participation in the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge, a competition to inspire American cities to generate innovative ideas that solve major challenges and improve city life. It included partnerships with GoodCompany Group and the Wharton Social Impact Initiative. FastFWD is an accelerator for promising social impact entrepreneurs that sought to create an onramp for innovation in City government through procurement.


One comment on “Closed-Seeking unconventional and creative marketing + outreach
  1. todd b says:

    Question received via email:

    Q: The biggest thing that concerns us: the $10,000 budget. We feel confidently that we could develop the road map and materials within that number, or execute on a plan with that, but doing both is probably not realistic. What’s the detail on the budget number? Is it meant to be both conception and execution? Or just one?

    A: At this time, all we have is $10k for this specific solicitation. Given that we are concurrently seeking help to replace/improve the site, which will take some time, I can see a roadmap and materials concurrent to the site improvements making sense. However, we do not have any additional committed funds and the change in administration creates some unknowns about how budget requests will occur in the future. There will be a small group reviewing the proposals so I really cant speak for them regarding which is preferred. I think given the unknowns regarding additional funds, that some level of execution (a blend) is preferred.

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