CLOSED: Create a Web Style Guide and Blog Template for Philadelphia Water Department

Over the past two years, Philadelphia Water Department’s (PWD) Public Affairs Division has developed a digital strategy focusing on the customer’s experience. A key component of the strategy is to align web properties (currently varied and disparate) through standards and toolkits. The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Open Data and Digital Transformation has begun building citywide digital standards and toolkits such as a pattern portfolio, content style guide, and web page templates. PWD would like to extend the styles and templates.

In implementing this digital strategy, PWD Public Affairs is in search of web design and development professionals to develop design patterns. These design patterns will influence the look and feel of new properties and be applied to existing, fractured properties. We are open to one candidate with design and development skills or a team of two individuals with a proven track record of working together to complete similar projects. Local candidates are preferred as co-working sessions are anticipated.


  • Participate in customer discovery and design sessions
  • Produce concept sketches, wireframes, and/or prototypes to revise and refine existing properties and, in some cases, define new properties
  • Participate in user testing
  • Build-out design compositions using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Implement content management systems (built in Django, WordPress, Drupal, etc.,)
  • QA and deploy new web properties and applications

Strong knowledge of:

  • Latest web standards and front-end development practices
  • Browser and device compatibility
  • Responsive design
  • Design applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite or Sketch
  • HTML and CSS
  • Web programming languages (e.g., Python, Ruby, GO)
  • User experience design best practices

In addition:

  • A desire to help grow a new digital team within the City’s Water Department.
  • The ability to communicate well, and work successfully with a team.
  • A passion for the City of Philadelphia and improving government services for residents


  • Familiarity with test-driven development
  • Familiarity with Jekyll or other prototyping tools
  • Familiarity with GitHub


  • Refinement: Deliver a pattern library and style guide that extends citywide standards ( Alpha) while incorporating the unique needs of Philadelphia Water Department’s various users, brands, and styles
  • New design: Design and develop a blog template and/or public campaign template based on existing requirements
  • Process: Participate in Philadelphia Water Department’s digital team sprints and sprint meetings

Responses should include a proposal that outlines your project approach and all relevant experience, skills, and aptitudes including resume(s) and digital portfolio.

Please send your proposal by 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 20 to:


Please post any questions as a comment below this solicitation so that additional information provided will be available for all to review. Any questions sent via email will be posted to the comment section.

8 comments on “CLOSED: Create a Web Style Guide and Blog Template for Philadelphia Water Department
  1. lkulberda says:

    In your RFP you specifically mention that you are looking for an individual or a team of two. lucidCircus, LLC is a small agency interested in responding. Should we win this bid, we would most likely assign a single member to work with PWD, that individual would have the backing of the full agency, should a need arise. Will you accept proposals from agencies as well as individuals?

  2. MarcColeman says:

    Are you looking for a long-term team-member?

    Is this opportunity restricted to teams of two or fewer?

    What are the terms of this engagement? Full-time hire? Contract? Contractor?

    Are you open to an agency fulfilling this role?

    • This is a contract project, and at this time, we are not looking for a long-term team member. We wrote the opportunity to express our preference to work closely with one or two people. However, we’re sure there are other ways of approaching this work and will not disqualify a response based on the size of the project team. There are no restrictions on who can submit a proposal. All proposals will be reviewed and considered.

  3. MarcColeman says:

    If this is a discrete project, what kind of pricing are you looking for. What is the approximate length of the engagement?

    • re: cost – This procurement mechanism keeps the project cost below 32K.
      re: timeline – We are not married to a timeline, but our initial thought is that this could take anywhere from 2 – 6 months. We believe that the project approach to creating the deliverables (style guide and blog/campaign template) will vary from contractor to contractor, and that approach will impact the timeline.

  4. Via Email:

    Q: Are looking for a specific deliverable or strategy or are you looking for a resource(s) with the capabilities to execute your current strategy?

    A: We are looking for a person (or people) that can deliver on the Expectations of Work. This includes two deliverables that fit within our overarching, existing digital strategy.

  5. Via Email:

    Q: Aside from a resume, portfolio and case study of experience is there anything else you would like to see in the response?

    A: We would like responses to help us understand how you would approach the design and development of (1) a style guide and (2)a new web property that fits within that style.

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