CLOSED: Seeking Vendor to Conduct Critical Matchmaking Between Vision Zero Research and Practice

The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (oTIS), with support and funding from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s (DVRPC) Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI), is seeking vendors to engage Philadelphia’s robust research community on the topic of Vision Zero and traffic safety.  This engagement should include the following:

  • A workshop that brings together researchers and City of Philadelphia agency/department representatives to discuss Philadelphia-specific research needs and priorities around Vision Zero and traffic safety
  • A searchable online portal that will allow City representatives to post their Vision Zero related research needs after the workshop, enabling continuous dialogue between researchers and City representatives
  • A guidebook that documents the step-by-step process that was taken to organize the workshop and the creation of the online portal

Through this effort, we hope to create a long-term sustainable conversation around the research needed to inform the smart policy to eliminate traffic fatalities from Philadelphia’s streets.


Since 2010, Philadelphians have been subject to more than 10,600 reportable traffic crashes per year.  This means that a traffic crash occurs once every 50 minutes.  These crashes have resulted in 473 people losing their lives.

The City of Philadelphia implements traffic safety improvements to bring these numbers down; unfortunately, a sustained decrease in traffic fatalities, as a result of these improvements, has not occurred.  In order to significantly reduce the number of traffic fatalities on our city streets, the City needs new, innovative, multidisciplinary thinking in the area of traffic safety.

To promote innovative, smart thinking around Vision Zero, the City of Philadelphia would like to engage its research community. Because the Philadelphia region is home to many of the nation’s top research professionals, the City would like to work with this community on the topic of creating a common core of research information and individuals from varied disciplines to help bring Vision Zero to fruition.

City representatives who may attend include individuals from the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Health Department, Streets Department, Office of Transportation & Infrastructure Systems, Police Department, Office of Innovation and Technology. Researchers and private sector employees who will be invited to attend will include those from the transportation planning, engineering, and medical fields.


All proposals should provide an effective strategy for:

  • Engaging city officials and department representatives by February 2017

The proposal should provide a strategy for how to engage city officials and department representatives in defining a variety of their research needs in relation to Vision Zero by February 2017.  Representatives from neighboring municipalities and counties will also be invited to define their research needs in relation to Vision Zero, as well.

  • Planning and facilitating a one-day workshop in April 2017

The proposal should provide a strategy for how to organize and facilitate a one-day workshop that brings city representatives, researchers, and private sector employees together to discuss Philadelphia specific research needs and priorities around Vision Zero and traffic safety. This should include planning the event by establishing event logistics, including itinerary, space and technology needs, the time and date, creating a list of attendees, sending invitations, receiving responses, identifying and securing moderators and speakers, and detailing an outline for how the workshop will spur conversation around the City of Philadelphia’s research needs and possible solutions as it pertains to Vision Zero.  The event should occur in April 2017.

  • Creating a searchable online portal by June 2017

The proposal should provide a strategy for how the vendor intends to develop an online portal to document research needs posed by city officials and through workshop discussions.  This portal will be accessible by city officials to update with research needs and by researchers and others in the community who are looking to identify Vision Zero research needs.  This portal will need to be easily updateable by city representatives with new research needs.  Please be aware that this web portal needs to fit with other City of Philadelphia web assets.  With that in mind, please use the pattern portfolio and the content style guide. This online portal should be active by June 2017.

  • Creating a guidebook by July 2017

The proposal should provide a strategy for how the vendor will create a guidebook, which documents the step-by-step process detailing the organization of the workshop as well as the creation of the online portal.  This will allow the City of Philadelphia and other interested municipalities to replicate the approach in the future. This guidebook should be written by July 2017.

Submission Guidelines

In your submission, please articulate your vision for the process and project, along with your qualifications.  Your submission must be less than 5,000 words and in under 10 single sided pages or slide.

Vendors are encouraged to share creative and innovative proposals to illustrate their effectives plans.  If an example is needed, a sample submission template could look like the following:

Introducing Your Solution

Summary: Summarize your solution in one or two sentences.

Short Description: Give a one-paragraph overview of your approach.

Value Proposition: This is your sales pitch.  How will your approach effectively achieve the deliverables?

Some More Detail

Development Support: What additional support will you need from the City to develop your project? E.g., access data sources, software, consultations with experts, etc.

Implementing your Solution: What is your plan for achieving the required deliverables? What would be the key hurdles and risks to successfully achieving these deliverables? How would you overcome them?

Qualifications: What qualifications and/or experience do you bring to your proposal that will ensure a successful and on-time delivery of deliverables?


Please send proposals in PDF format to Ema Yamamoto with the subject title “Vision Zero Submission – First Name, Last Name, Vendor Name” at by December 9, 2016 at 5:00pm Eastern.


After all proposals have been evaluated, the City of Philadelphia may conduct individual interviews as needed on December 15, 2016.  The City of Philadelphia intends to select a vendor by the end of December 2016 and will notify applicants of the status of their proposal in order to meet this timeline.

Additional Questions

Please post any questions as a comment below this solicitation on so that additional information will be available for all potential submitters to review.  Any questions sent via email will be directed back to the comment section on  Answers to all questions will be supplied within 3 business days. Please be aware that November 11, 2016 and November 24, 2016 are municipal holidays.


This project is funded by a 2017 Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TDCI) grant program of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC).  This grant program supports local transportation planning, design, and analysis efforts which support the vision of DVRPC’s long-range regional transportation and land use plan, Connections 2040.  For more information on the program, please visit: . For more information on the 2017 awards, please visit:

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