[CLOSED] Department of Public Property Work Order System Data Extracts

[Opportunity Closed] This opportunity closed December 22, 2016. Thank you for your interest and submissions!


City of Philadelphia Office of Innovation and Technology, on behalf of Department of Public Property, is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to develop data extracts from the City’s three instances of Performo™, a proprietary work order management platform owned and hosted by Wizard Software Solutions™ (“Wizard”), to be transferred to the City’s FTP environment for transmission to the City’s Integrated Workplace Asset Management System (“IWAMS”).  This project supports the City’s asset management initiative by supplying facts about building maintenance for comprehensive analysis and reporting by the City’s real estate, finance and planning leaders.


Establish a nightly procedure which extracts the full set of work order records from Performo™ instances used by Parks and Recreation, Department of Public Health, and Department of Public Property, securely transfers them as flat files to a City-managed SFTP server.  The City’s resources take over from there to transfer the files to the IWAMS environment, where the data gets loaded to the system.

Special Qualifications

To successfully accomplish the work described in this request, applicants must be authorized by Wizard to access the computing resources associated with the City’s Performo™ instances.  The City is a subscriber to Wizard’s services, but the City cannot provide this authorization.

Scope of Work

Software Setup (One-Time Cost – Initial Implementation)

  • Hosted System nightly flat file to City FTP environment – One Time Setup – Three (3) Feeds from three (3) Performo™ Systems. Include breakdown of any subscriptions, licensing and cloud services applicable.

Software Hosting (Recurring Annual Cost)

  • Provide the recurring cost of hosting the software that executes the three (3) Feeds from the three (3) Performo Systems. Include breakdown of any subscriptions, licensing and cloud services applicable.

Professional Services (Requirements Analysis & Information Gathering)

  • Provide the estimated hours, hourly rate, and subtotal for the initial consultation with City, Wizard and IWAMS vendor, currently Computerized Facility Integration, LLC (“CFI”). The City will provide the necessary information to bring these parties together.
  • Provide the estimated hours, hourly rate, and subtotal for consulting and coordination with CFI for configuration and testing of programmed interfaces and development of Operations Manual that provides the City with information required to administrate and maintain the work order data feed solution.

Deliverables and Time Frame

  1. Project kick off and Initial Consultation – Project Start + 1 week
    • 1 hour call with City, Wizard and CFI. Provide minutes.
  2. Business Requirements Document – Project Start + 3 weeks
    • Document comprising City’s functional and technical requirements for the Performo data feeds
  3. Conditional Acceptance of Test results – Project Start + 6 weeks
    • Milestone payment reflecting successful end-to-end test of the data feed
  4. Final Acceptance of solution / Operations Manual – Project Start + 7 weeks
    • Milestone payment reflecting successful test of recurring daily data feed and final approval of Operations Manual for data feed authored by provider


Your proposal should include a short description of your qualifications, experience with similar projects, an overview of your firm or organization and a brief description of your solution. You may include architectural diagrams of the proposed solution and URLs for any online examples you may have.  Please provide a fixed-fee Not-To-Exceed price for this project.  Please also include detailed breakdown reflecting: 1) an hourly rate and the number of hours associated with each required task, and other costs related to 2) subscriptions, 3) licensing and/or 4) cloud services if applicable.

Questions about this request should be posted to the comments section.  The City will only respond to questions posted there.  Finished proposals should be sent to scott.strickler@phila.gov on or before Thursday, December 22 at 12:00 pm EST.  Late submissions will not be considered. Please limit the size of the proposal document to a maximum of 12 pages.

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7 comments on “[CLOSED] Department of Public Property Work Order System Data Extracts
  1. Hi Scott,
    We are an early stage small business located in King of Prussia, interested in working with the city on this project.
    We have a product that significantly accelerates implementation of data extracts, you can expect a 50% reduction in your implementation cost using our product through reduced time to market and reduced labor cost.
    We price our product and services around frequency, volume and size of your transaction on an ongoing basis.
    Is there a possibility to understand your anticipated volume, frequency and data size prior to submission of our proposal?

    thank you
    Manish Mandelia

    • scott.strickler@phila.gov says:

      Thank you for your interest Manish! The request is for three daily extracts. We expect the chosen provider to participate in some preliminary analysis on specific requirements for these extracts. We know the extracts will be identical with not more than 15 fields. None of the fields is likely to contain a large amount of data – they contain information like priority, status, date, cost, etc, so the size of each record is pretty small. Department 1’s extract will contain about 6,000 records, growing at 600 records per month. Department 2’s extract will contain about 10,000 records, growing at 1,000 records per month. We are still awaiting verification on a response for Department 3, whose volume and growth is likely more than Department 1 and 2’s combined.

  2. kap4020@gmail.com says:

    Thanks for the size estimates, Scott. Did you end up hearing back from Department 3?

    It sounds like they’re the department with the highest volume and growth.

    • scott.strickler@phila.gov says:

      Thank you for your question! We may not receive an estimate from Department 3. One option to accommodate this uncertainty would be to provide a matrix with a few options relating data size to to your firm’s recommended budgetary pricing.

    • scott.strickler@phila.gov says:

      I received an estimate from Department 3. Their extract will contain about 60,000 records and grow at about 1,200 records per month.

  3. kap4020@gmail.com says:

    Thanks, Scott, for the quick reply to my other question.

    Got another quick one: do the Performo word orders contain images? That could really blow up the database size.

    (I’m guessing not, because the output is a flat file, but it’s worth asking.)

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