[CLOSED] RFP Tool and Pilot


CONTRACT AMOUNT: Not to exceed $32,000

CONTRACT DATE: Approximately May 31st, 2017


The City of Philadelphia’s Office of the Chief Administrative Officer is seeking proposals from qualified designers, technologists, and problem solvers for a tool to assist City departments in writing and assembling Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

Over the last year, the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) has rolled out several initiatives to modernize the City’s Procurement practices and systems. This work includes: general process improvement, introduction of new technology, legislative updates, and stakeholder engagement. To complement this work, the City is exploring tools and approaches to assist City departments in the development of RFPs.

An effective solution would enable City employees to more easily and quickly write high quality RFPs. In order to accomplish those goals, the web-based solution must:

  • Assist City employees in easily incorporating citywide RFP requirements
  • Be a user-friendly and visually-appealing interface that aligns with the City of Philadelphia’s digital standards where appropriate
  • Employ modern best practices in design and development
  • Comply with accessibility standards and use plain language
  • Facilitate online collaboration among multiple stakeholders
  • Be easily implemented to complement current City systems
  • Allow for simple updates to keep the technology relevant over time


  • Incorporate and customize a web-based tool for RFP creation
  • Guide a team of City stakeholders to incorporate best practices in RFP writing
  • Pilot the RFP tool with a City department
  • Develop a take-away document summarizing best practices, key lessons learned and future considerations


  • Experience working with other municipalities on best practices in procurement
  • Experience working as part of a collaborative team
  • Offering of a web-based tool for RFP creation with simple customization,  implementation, and maintenance


  • Responses should include a proposal that outlines your project approach and all relevant experience and skills  
  • The proposal must identify all personnel that will perform work on the project
  • Please include a budget for the work (not to exceed $32,000) and any relevant work samples or case studies
  • Proposal should not exceed 5 pages


Please send your proposal by 5:00 p.m. EST on Monday, May 8th to

Christina.saggiomo@phila.gov and Nicole.Mccormac@phila.gov


Please post any questions as a comment below this solicitation so that additional information provided will be available for all to review. Any questions sent via email will be posted to the comment section.

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2 comments on “[CLOSED] RFP Tool and Pilot
  1. kap4020@gmail.com says:

    Something very helpful to us as we’re writing our proposal is what’s missing from http://bigideasphl.com and http://www.phila.gov/procurement/PHLContracts/Pages/default.aspx that isn’t meeting your requirements.

    Besides that, there’s a lot of RFP solutions out there. What are they missing/what’s wrong with them?

    • christina.saggiomo@phila.gov says:

      Just to clarify, we are looking for an internal “web-based tool for RFP creation”. This would be used by City employees to write new Requests for Proposals to then be posted on one of the City’s existing systems.

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