[CLOSED] UX/UI Improvements and Design Development for a Philadelphia Department of Revenue payment portal

UX/UI Improvements and Design Development for a Philadelphia Department of Revenue payment portal

ISSUE DATE: May 31, 2017
CONTRACT AMOUNT: Not to exceed $32,000
CONTRACT DATE: July 5, 2017 – September 29, 2017

The Philadelphia Department of Revenue seeks proposals for a redesign of the existing Philadelphia Beverage Tax Portal, found here: https://secure.phila.gov/revenue/beveragetax/. This portal will also undergo functionality improvements in FY18 that will require additional design support.


Starting January 1, 2017, the City of Philadelphia imposed a 1.5-cents-per-ounce tax on the distribution of sweetened beverages, as well as syrups and concentrates used to make sweetened beverages. The Department of Revenue developed an online system to allow taxpayers to register for the Philadelphia Beverage Tax, file tax returns, amend previously filed tax returns, print records of tax returns, view balances, and connect to the City’s online payment websites.

The site is used by about 500 users, most of which represent medium to large companies. However about a quarter of users are small business owners that may not use English as a first language.

Revenue invites respondents to gain familiarity with the current portal by creating their own login using the portal test site: http://test-secure.phila.gov/revenue/beveragetax/. Using the test site, respondents can also file simulated Beverage Tax returns. Please do not create test logins on the live site.

Scope of Services

The current registration portal is functional and currently in use. However, Revenue requires, a complete redesign of the portal, creating a more intuitive, streamlined, and easy user experience. The redesign will encompass improvements in these areas:

  • Look and feel, consistent with standards set for https://beta.phila.gov/
  • Organization of page elements
  • Design and usability of forms
  • Navigation or consolidation/rearrangement of user processes, as needed
  • Plain language suggestions to improve copy and content, as needed

Beginning in July, the Department of Revenue will begin developing the next phase of the Beverage Tax Portal, which includes additional functionality such as a dashboard, administration screens, and additional forms. We anticipate 10 – 15 additional design components will need to be developed in this phase.

The redesign and design of new components will adhere to generally accepted UX/UI industry standards and practices, nonetheless the design must also follow these considerations:

  • Incorporate user and stakeholder insights into the design development
  • Follow standards set out by City of Philadelphia Office of Innovation and Technology and Office of Open Data and Digital Transformation, found here: https://cityofphiladelphia.github.io/standards-docs/
  • Ensure the service will be accessible to people regardless of hardware, software, language, location, or physical ability through understanding of Section 508 compliance requirements; adhere to accessibility standards set by the American Disabilities Act (ADA). The following is one tool recommended to test site compliance: http://wave.webaim.org/
  • Be mobile-friendly and compatible with common digital devices
  • The firm should use standard (or free) fonts.


  • Phase 1: Planning, alignment, and requirements building
    • Project plan with clear milestones and time for reviews
    • Heuristic evaluation of current site
    • (Based on evaluation) Design roadmap:
      • Requirements document that maps out improvements to be made and features to be added to the portal post heuristic evaluation
      • Revised site map/information architecture of portal that incorporates new features and improvements
      • Team alignment on type and number of wireframes to be designed (no more than 30)
  • Phase 2: UX Design
    • 15 wireframes (draft 1)
    • Review draft 1 with Revenue leadership and IT team
    • 15 wireframes (draft 2)
    • Review draft 2 with Revenue leadership and IT team
    • Final wireframes with detailed annotations
  • Phase 3: Visual Design
    • Compositions that apply visual design to wireframes (Must use City of Philadelphia Digital Standards)
    • 2 reviews of the visual design
    • Library of cut graphics and imagery and visual style guide that the IT team can use for development
  • Phase 4: Pass off
    • Meet with the IT team to review all final deliverables, which would include final annotated wireframes and visual design compositions
    • Participate in 2 development reviews post pass off—ensuring that the development team is effectively implementing design

Final deliverables are required by September 29, 2017.

Submission Requirements

Respondents should gather the following materials into a single pdf and submit them electronically to Rebecca Lopez Kriss at rebecca.lopezkriss@phila.gov no later than midnight, Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

  • A Written Statement of Qualifications and Experience, and related work samples: Describe the background, expertise and experience of the firm, demonstrating ability to provide the requested services. Please include the current number of employees at the firm. Please describe at least three successfully completed projects produced within the past 24 months that relate to the project type and services described above and include sample deliverables of those projects.Note, Revenue encourages the creation of economic opportunities for minority, women, and disabled-owned businesses in its projects, including professional services contracts such as are contemplated here. If respondents feel they can meet these criteria, they should note it in this section of their proposal.
  • Project Team Description and Proposed Budget: Define team member roles including who will be the lead contact person and how the other team members will relate. Include resumes for all key staff to be assigned to the project. The budget should include any discounts offered for this engagement.
  • Timeline: Please provide a detailed timeline of the project including the scope of services offered and breakdown of each task required to meet the September 29, 2017 project deadline. The expected start date of the project is July 5, 2017. The project team’s ability to meet this timeline is critical.
  • References: Please provide contact information for three individuals and their organizations for which the project team’s firms have performed successful similar projects in the last 24 months. Revenue may contact these references to inquire about overall performance, work style, individual staff capabilities and project administration.

Selection Process

The Department of Revenue will coordinate the evaluation and selection process, which includes any other stakeholders. Revenue retains the right to reject any and all proposals.

Factors that will be considered in the evaluation include:

  • Quality, depth of specific relevant experience, and qualifications of the firm;
  • Quality, depth of specific relevant experience, and qualifications of the project staff;
  • Value (quality of service for billing structure)

Following an initial review of all proposals submitted, a short-list of applicants may be asked to make an oral presentation, over the phone or in person, or submit additional information to members of the selection committee prior to selection.

Revenue intends to make a final selection by Friday, June 28, 2015.

Respondent’s Guarantee

The Respondent guarantees the services will be satisfactory to Revenue, as required in this RFP. If Revenue is dissatisfied with the services, Revenue reserves the right to terminate any agreement for service resulting from this RFP at any time and be relieved of the obligation of continuing with any such agreement. All monies due to contractor for satisfactory and acceptable work completed up to the date of termination of the agreement will be paid upon termination of agreement.

Statements and creative concepts generated in response to this RFP become the sole property of Revenue. Any pricing must remain valid for 90 days. Revenue reserves the right to adjust the specifications or scope of work stated in this RFP.

Questions and Submission Due Date

All questions related to this opportunity should be posted in the comment section of this listing.

Facsimile proposals will not be accepted. Late or incomplete proposals will not be considered.

9 comments on “[CLOSED] UX/UI Improvements and Design Development for a Philadelphia Department of Revenue payment portal
  1. We’ve received the following questions.

    – What languages do we need to consider for this project for the non-English users?
    Mandarin, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Khmer, Portuguese

    What are your pain points with your current site? What aspects do you like?
    Poor navigation/organization, not mobile friendly, overall look and feel, does not adhere to accessibility standards

    – Who are the stakeholders and departments that will be involved in the decision-making process and the project itself?
    Department of Revenue, Office of Innovation Technology, Users

    – What percentage of traffic comes from mobile devices? Tablets?
    Unknown at this time

    – Have you done any user testing on your site? If not, are you open to doing user testing?
    We have performed limited user testing on the current site. Yes, we would like respondents to include user testing.

    – Do you have corporate images/photography or do we need to budget for that?
    We will provide images/photography as needed

    – Do you need to create landing pages frequently?

    – If during the design process you want to add another dashboard, new feature, or a round of design iterations, is there a budget for additional scope or will another feature need to be removed?
    Our maximum budget is $32,000.

    – Can you elaborate on the additional needs mentioned here?: “Beginning in July, the Department of Revenue will begin developing the next phase of the Beverage Tax Portal, which includes additional functionality such as a dashboard, administration screens, and additional forms. We anticipate 10 – 15 additional design components will need to be developed in this phase.”

    Admin Dashboard (1 screen – many elements, unique functionality)
    Admin Summary (1 screen – many elements, unique functionality)
    User Settings (2 screens – many elements, standard website functionality)
    Credit Allocation (2 screens – few elements, unique functionality)
    Screen Redesigns (6-8 screens – redesigning already existing site elements, such as making one cluttered page into 2 cleaner pages -e.g. redesign entity selection screens (2 screens)

    – What are you imagining will be on the dashboard?
    User information/options for updates, list previous returns filed, list any outstanding balances, list upcoming due dates, a button to pay site, announcements (example site maintenance, changes to due dates), possibly connect to external sites that have other information

    – What functionality will the admin screens need to have?
    Ability to manage the account (including ability to add/delete users and assign roles, set communications preferences, ability to update user name and passwords and business information); ability to amend previous returns

    – Are the new forms multi-step? Will any input fields be required besides text (i.e file/image upload, pdf generation, etc.)?
    Yes, the initial registration is multi-step. No input besides text is required, but the site does generate pdfs of taxpayer returns.

    – Are there any other functions or pages we need to consider in these new components?
    Not at this time

    – Will we be doing anything with the payment processing site that comes after inputting your beverage info? Or does the portal we are working on only cover the beverage info portion?
    No, payment processing is handled by the City’s existing payment site. The portal in question only covers the registration and filing of returns.

    – For Phase 3, are you expecting all 15 or so wireframes to get design applications, or just enough full mockups to cover the content types (i.e dashboard, a form example, text-based page example, and UI elements)?
    We will need all 15 or so wireframes to get design applications.

  2. m@group-m.com says:

    Currently the Bev Tax Page at https://beta.phila.gov/ links to http://www.phillybevtax.com/.

    The register button at http://www.phillybevtax.com/ also links to the portal.

    Is http://www.phillybevtax.com/ being redesigned with the portal pages?

  3. jillpmar says:

    Are you looking for dynamic wireframes or flat schematics?

    Should deliverables be html files with css stylesheets or photoshop files with assets?

  4. We received this question:

    – Does the RFP include the redesign of the site http://www.phillybevtax.com or is the new design just for the Registration, File and Pay portal?

    The new design is just for the Registration, File and Pay portal, found here: https://secure.phila.gov/revenue/beveragetax/

    You can use the test site to evaluate the current experience at: http://test-secure.phila.gov/revenue/beveragetax/

  5. ychen says:

    In our experience, some screens may require multiple states to be fully designed. e.g., one particular screen may require multiple wireframes to show mobile layout variations, or a screen with several forms may require multiple wireframes in order to fully show various empty, error, and populated states.

    With regards to the limit of the final number of 30 wireframes, can you please describe your expectations on what constitutes a final wireframe?

    • We believe after the vendor has performed a heuristic evaluation, they will have a sense of what/how many wireframes need to be designed, we put this in the phased approach. We recognize that not every page needs to be designed. What needs to be designed is the homepage, primary, secondary and tertiary template pages of the site (and whatever other template pages would exist on the site). And yes, we’ll want various states as well as mobile versions, especially for the site navigation and any changes/differences between desktop and mobile.

  6. We received this question.

    – To clarify, this proposal must be submitted by 11:59 on Wednesday, the 21st, correct?

    Yes, that is correct.

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