[CLOSED] Philly Free Streets Event Management

The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (“oTIS”) is seeking a qualified vendor to manage event planning, volunteer recruitment and training, implementation, and day-of operations of (1) Philly Free Streets program in fall 2017. Exact date to be shared later.

Philly Free Streets is a people-powered initiative of the City of Philadelphia that temporarily closes streets to cars, inviting people to walk, bike, and play. Philly Free Streets is a family-friendly program that promotes active transportation (walking and biking), as well as healthy lifestyles and learning. Philly Free Streets’ inaugural 2016 program welcomed over 30,000 participants who represented 42 of the city’s 47 zip codes.

oTIS considers Philly Free Streets programs successful when they:

  • Have clearly communicated impacts of the program to nearby residents/businesses in advance of program (i.e., traffic/parking impacts);
  • Are a safe, family-friendly environment that are inclusive of Philadelphians of all ages, physical abilities, racial/ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds;
    • People of all ages/abilities feel comfortable walking/biking/strolling along the Philly Free Streets route;
  • Highlight Philly Free Streets as a City of Philadelphia-led initiative, as well as its valued program sponsors;
  • Highlight the health, social, and economic benefits of active-transportation (walking/biking);
  • Have comprehensive directional, programmatic, and branding signage that is highly visible and strategically located;
  • Have quality, free, family-friendly programming along the route;
  • Have rest/info stations along the route, which may include food and water stations;
  • Have informed, engaged, and satisfied volunteers
    • It is preferred that volunteers represent the City’s diversity and that some volunteers speak Spanish.

To ensure the Philly Free Streets 2017 program is successful, oTIS seeks support with:

  • The recruitment and training of 60-80 volunteers (including bi-lingual (Spanish/English) volunteers), who may have day-of program responsibilities or assist in outreach prior to Philly Free Streets,
    • Ensuring volunteers are informed and exhibiting respect for themselves and others while representing the program,
      • Including, but not limited to, Management of transportation plan (to and from event footprint) for volunteers in conjunction with relevant City agencies,
  • Ensuring day-of volunteers are greeted and met with needed materials, and
  • Ensuring volunteers are supporting a friendly, family-friendly environment during program.
  • Development of comprehensive route signage plan in advance of program, and
    • Ensuring proper installation and de-installation of route signage on day-of program;


  • Development of route program activity and information station route plans in advance of program, and note that
    • There will be no more than (6) information stations along the route,
    • There will be no more than (4) program activity zones along the route;
  • Ensuring program vendors whose program activity align with community interest and Philly Free Streets’ mission are informed by
    • Issuing site plans and disseminating critical information to program vendors in advance of the program,
    • Managing communications with program vendors’ needs on day-of program,
    • Ensuring proper event set-up and break-down on day-of program;
  • Planning a ribbon cutting ceremony, and
    • Supporting needs of ribbon cutting ceremony on day-of program;
  • Operations management support as needed along the route day of, which may include:
    • Volunteer check-in/out and shift change;
    • Programming provider check-in/out;
    • Distribution promotional items/prizes/goodie-bags;
    • Equipment setup and collection, including those related Sponsor/Volunteer services and or in-kind contributions day-of;
    • Planned pop-up appearances;
    • Providing status updates to City leadership;
    • Other operations as determined by the City/Fund.
  • Documenting procedures and timeline of work, which will be used by City to develop program planning guidelines.

Other duties of a successful applicant may include:

  • Creating organization materials, such as Gantt charts, as requested;
  • Debriefing meeting, document steps
  • Attending and participating in planning and operations meetings, as requested;
  • Program vendor coordination, as requested;
  • Creating a “run-of-show” leading up to and including the event and street reopening, as requested;
  • Other duties as requested to support the planning and implementation of Philly Free Streets.


Attributes of a successful applicant include:

  • Focus on cost-effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Effective project management skills;
  • Able to meet deadlines and milestones;
  • Innovative;
  • Collaborative;
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Detail-oriented.



  • Background information 
    • Name, address, and telephone number of firm;
    • Description of provider (corporation, sole partnership, partnership, consortium) and year formed;
    • State if the firm is qualified to do business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia. Include all that apply: federal tax identification number, City of Philadelphia tax identification number, City of Philadelphia business license number;
    • Name, title, and business address of persons to whom communications respecting this activity should be directed, if different from above.
  • Organizational description and experience history
    • A general statement describing the firm, its size, number of employees, hours of operations, and primary business areas;
    • A description of the firm’s experience performing similar size/type of projects for similar size/type of clients. Include dates, locations, and scales of these services.
  • Proposed staffing & schedule
    • A description of the operation plan for this program, including:
      • Staffing needs, and
      • Sample event management plan for a Philly Free Streets-type program, demonstrating an understanding of executing a program of this scale


  • All applicants that plan to use a subcontractor must provide a list of potential subcontractors that may be used by applicant if awarded;
  • All applicants must explain why they are qualified to perform the work required.
  • Cost proposal
    • Submissions must be for a fixed-fee ($25,000).


  • Cost proposals must be itemized based on category of service and task provided.
  • References
  • Include contact information for a minimum of (2) references who can speak to the applicant’s experience with similar types of work as that described.

Responses must be emailed as a single pdf by 5:00PM on Friday, July 28 to charlotte.castle@phila.gov.

Successful applicants should be able to meet the following proposed deadlines:

DATE Notice of City’s request for services distributed
July 28, 2017; 5PM Proposals due electronically to charlotte.castle@phila.gov
August 4, 2017 Successful applicant notified
August 11, 2017 Meeting with oTIS; commence work



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