[Closed] RFI for Advanced Bike Sharing Technology

Download the full Request for Information (RFI) here

The City of Philadelphia is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) to gather information regarding best practices and trends in bike sharing technology and explore potential opportunities to advance the City’s efforts to improve and promote bike share.

The City, through its Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (oTIS), is specifically seeking information that will support changes in policy, regulation, and contract structure, which will allow the Indego Bike Share program to take advantage of new technology, new business models, and new resources.

Solutions may include, but are not limited to:

  • More flexible and adaptable bike share equipment
  • Strategies to reduce equipment or operating costs, increase reliability
  • App-based checkouts or bike reservations
  • Improved tracking of bikes and available open docks
  • Seamless integration with other transportation options such as bus, rail, rideshare
  • Creative funding strategies

Information gathered through this process will be used to improve the City’s ability to deliver bike sharing safely, equitably, sustainably, and transparently.

Responses to the RFI must be submitted to Aaron.ritz@phila.gov by February 16, 2018 before 5:00 PM (Local Philadelphia Time).

Have a question?
Questions regarding this RFI are to be submitted to bigideasphl.com no later than 5:00 PM (EST) on Friday, January 26, 2018. You will need to register on bigideasphl.com in order to post your question. Only questions posted using the comment tool on bigideasphl.com will be answered. All questions received by this date and time will be answered appropriately. Comment titles should read, “[Firm Name] –RFI Advanced Bike Sharing Technology”. The City expects to respond by Friday, February 2, 2018 to questions received by that date and time. Questions by respondents, and any additional information that the City provides in response to such questions, will be posted on bigideasphl.com.

Transportation Planner & Grants Coordinator Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems City of Philadelphia

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24 comments on “[Closed] RFI for Advanced Bike Sharing Technology
  1. aaron.ritz says:

    Question: Do questions left in this comments section need to follow the naming format for the responses to the RFI? For example, [Company Name]–Advanced Bike Sharing Technology?

    • aaron.ritz says:

      No, Please use this comments field to post questions. If possible, please provide your company affiliation. For example,

      -Aaron Ritz, City of Philadelphia

  2. ofo US says:

    “Respondents need not address every subject listed in the Response Template” – does this mean that we do NOT need to answer every question in the RFI?

    • aaron.ritz says:

      That is correct. Respondents are not required to every subject matter/question listed in the RFI and the RFI response template. For ease of review, please indicate the question number at the beginning of each response.

  3. ofo US says:

    What are the Existing Standards for safety and reliability set by the Indego Bike Share Program, as listed under Goal 2: Promoting safety and health?

    • aaron.ritz says:

      Safety and health are assured through Levels of Service which include but are not limited to:

      95% Stations Inspected Monthly
      95% Bicycles Maintained Monthly
      Station Maintenance Incident response time within 48 Hours
      90% Calls Answered Within 30 Seconds
      95% Percentage of Email Answered within 24 hours
      100% Bicycles Refurbished each year
      Operations reports provided to City on monthly basis

      The City requires that its operator maintain a $1m general liability policy along with $1m automotive liability and $5m umbrella policy. The City additionally requires that it is indemnified from claims that arise from the operation of bike share.

  4. ofo US says:

    How many users have purchased the Indego365 annual pass since its inception? How many still have valid memberships today?

    • aaron.ritz says:

      The Indego 365 Pass was launched in October 2017. 440 people have purchased this pass option, all are active to date.

  5. ofo US says:

    With 50k unique users over a 2.5 year period, how many of these were 1-time users? How many are Philadelphia Residents?

    Marisa Rodriguez-McGill, ofo US

  6. ofo US says:

    On how many total occasions have cash payment options been utilized? Frequency?

    Marisa Rodriguez-McGill, ofo US

    • aaron.ritz says:

      The Cash Payment option is utilized between 50-80 times per month for approximately 2000 total transactions.

  7. ofo US says:

    Can you provide ridership numbers for the 500 IndegoAccess pass holders ?(Aggregated number of rides/week/month/year)

    Marisa Rodriguez-McGill, ofo US

    • aaron.ritz says:

      The Access Pass was launched in April 2016. To date there have been more than 100,000 trips made by Indego Access Passholders.

  8. ofo US says:

    Can you provide specifics on how Indego promotes active and healthy living? How Indego promotes safety?

    Marisa Rodriguez-McGill, ofo US

    • aaron.ritz says:

      Indego promotes active and healthy living as part of the City’s broader efforts to improve conditions for bicycling, walking, and transit while engaging people in healthy and active ways to get around. The system fosters active lifestyles by diverting a greater share of trips to bicycling. Specific examples include Monthly Ride Series which help communities practice more on in city biking and connects participants to green spaces; these rides help community members feel more comfortable riding in through the city from their neighborhoods, get to know different parts of Philadelphia parks and recreational services, while learning how to use a healthier source of transportation that is Indego. Indego also promotes healthy and active living through its ambassador program.

      To promote safety, Indego partners with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to provide safety classes and learning opportunities for current and future Indego riders. Indego also utilizes the ambassador program and the Monthly Ride Series.

  9. ofo US says:

    Can you better explain what is meant by “Health and safety benefits of the program should be equitably distributed” ?

    Marisa Rodriguez-McGill, ofo US

    • aaron.ritz says:

      Our strategies and policies support inclusion and equity across Philadelphia’s diverse and vibrant communities. Proposed solutions must consider the needs of neighborhoods that have been historically underserved and identify appropriate methods of introducing and supporting bike share within them.

      For more information, please check out the Better Bike Share Partnership’s insights on Equity and Bike Share.

  10. ofo US says:

    As a national leader in bike-share equity programming and outreach, will Indego be able to replicate these efforts to apply across dockless operators? Will this team within Indego work to improve equity/safety with respect to Philadelphia bike-sharing in general, or is this outreach only relevant to Indego branded / Bicycles?

    Marisa R-M, ofo US

    • aaron.ritz says:

      1) The purpose of the RFI is, in part, to assess the respondent’s ability to incorporate equity into their proposed solution. It is the respondent’s responsibility to show how their proposed solution can incorporate equity programming and outreach into their approach to bike share.

      2) Equity and safety are relevant components to Philadelphia bike sharing in general.

  11. JUMPbikes says:

    Per question 3.3.3, can the City clarify the existing partnerships, sponsorship commitments, and community partners currently in place with Indego? Is the sponsorship contract with the City or with BTS?

    Alex Vickers, Senior Business Development Manger, JUMP Bikes

    • aaron.ritz says:

      The City of Philadelphia is the owner of the Indego bike share system.

      Bicycle Transit Systems is the contracted operations provider and is partnered with BCycle to provide equipment.

      Indego is sponsored by Independence Blue Cross, with presenting sponsorships from CapitalOne Bank along with 10+ additional sponsors. These sponshorships are held by the City of Philadelphia.

  12. JUMPbikes says:

    Per question 3.4.9, can the City provide what level of detail the organization expects on vendors operational plan? Is the City looking for expansion targets or a more detailed marketing, rebalancing, winter ops, etc.?

    Alex Vickers, Senior Business Development Manger, JUMP Bikes

  13. aaron.ritz says:

    The operational plan should be general in nature. Useful information would include:
    – Desired service area
    – Estimated number of bikes, stations, operations centers etc.
    – Estimated staffing levels by year and/or by season
    – Proposal for rebalancing, maintenance, call center support etc.
    – Proposals or plans for handling large crowds or events etc.