Finance – Third Party Billing Solution [Closed]

ISSUE DATE: November 13, 2019
CONTRACT START DATE: December 2nd, 2019

Philadelphia Water Department’s (PWD) Finance Unit is seeking a COTS solution to capture detailed miscellaneous billing information. The system must also have reporting capabilities and the ability to generate custom invoices for PWD vendors along with the ability to track payments and reconcile financial data based on the outstanding invoices.
The purpose is to stream line the billing process and accurately store the associated information.
The ability to migrate existing data (csv format) is also a requirement.
PWD is seeking proposals from qualified vendors. Successful proposals should have:
Data Governance and Data Entry
• Clean up data from the database before data conversion
• Migrate existing data to the new application (e.g., tables, fields, calculations, and reports)
• Ability to create custom columns within the Database
System Capabilities
• Ability to have different security levels within the user access groups
o Some fields should be editable based on user access types – e.g. payments, NSF, partial payments, payment plans, credit memos, etc.
o 25 users
• Ability to attach support documents
• Ability to input comments within system for individual records for the invoices generated
• Ability to create custom invoices that will auto calculate the amounts based on the account that is set up
• Must have the ability to track payment for individual accounts with automatic reconciliation
• Audit feature to track changes made by the user access group
• Should have notification ability – internal and external
• Online training and user support for system
• Printing capabilities
• Reconciliation reporting
• Reporting capabilities – basic financial reporting, AR, Aging, monthly statements, Individual client-based reports, etc.
• Ability to generate deposit summary – custom columns may be needed
• Ability to create and export reports in multiple formats including pdf, word, excel, and .csv

Submission Requirements
Respondents should gather the following materials into a single pdf and submit them electronically to Patrick C. Wood at no later than 5:00 PM Eastern, November 22nd, 2019.
Proposed Budget/Pricing: Include pricing for all aspects of the project, including any future maintenance or support costs. Indicate the structure of the pricing (fixed price, cost per user, or other).
Timeline: Please provide a detailed timeline of the project with a breakdown of tasks required to complete the project before the deadline of November 22nd, 2019.
The Philadelphia Water Department will coordinate the evaluation and selection process, which includes any other stakeholders. PWD retains the right to reject any and all proposals.
Following an initial review of all proposals submitted, a short-list of applicants may be asked to make additional information to PWD prior to selection.
Statements and creative concepts generated in response to this request becomes the sole property of PWD. PWD reserves the right to adjust this proposal’s specifications and/or scope of work.
All questions related to this opportunity should be posted in the comment section of this listing no later than November 20th, 2019.
Facsimile proposals will not be accepted. Late or incomplete proposals will not be considered

One comment on “Finance – Third Party Billing Solution [Closed]
  1. PWood says:

    Question: Does your team require the software to process payments as well?

    Answer – We need to just track the payments the payments will be processed outside of the system with other financial institution. We just want the ability to manually track and recon the numbers once it is inputted either by batch upload or manually entering in payments. There will be no accounts or payments that will process through this system. We already have a process for this.

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