RFP for marketing taxpayer assistance programs to immigrant communities


The Philadelphia Department of Revenue estimates that nearly 100,000 eligible households don’t take advantage of Real Estate Tax assistance, including the Homestead Exemption (now worth up to $629 every year) and the Low-income Senior Tax Freeze (which freezes the tax bill of low-income seniors). We believe that immigrant communities are especially vulnerable to real estate assessment fluctuations in rapidly changing neighborhoods.

The Philadelphia Department of Revenue seeks proposals for creative services for the development of a promotional campaign to increase awareness and participation of the City’s Real Estate tax assistance programs among Philadelphia’s non-English speaking communities. This may include different messaging for different communities and languages. We may award more than one contract to meet our needs.

The maximum cost for this contract is $34,000. All work must be completed for this contract before June 30, 2020

Scope of Services

The project is in two phases.

Phase 1) The campaign will combine the department’s language research and industry best practices to create a marketing plan that includes guidance and a variety of strategies to reach non-English speaking communities. (We would like to target Spanish, Mandarin, French and Arabic, but are open to learning from the specific experiences of your creative firm. Please see targeted geographies map, Fig 1.) These strategies could include, but are not limited to print ads in local publication, paid social media posts, street teams, texting strategies, or video ideas. Revenue is open to other strategies that have proved successful beyond those listed here.

Phase 2) A collaborative process to develop content for the strategies suggested in your plan. This may include weighing most cost-effective methods against our available budget and resources. The cost of this contract does not include the purchase of media ad space, videography, costs of printing, or other external costs related to the project. For example, should your plan include placing ads in local publications, we will require the development of the print media/ads within the scope of your contract, but not the cost of placing the ad.

Respondents should expect to work with Revenue’s research department to design strategies so that their impact may be measured.


A written plan for outreach that includes

  • Research of community assets such as media outlets, community groups, faith-based organizations, etc., and contacts in target geographies
  • Proposed strategies to meet the department’s goals
  • A proposed timeline to deliver those strategies

Creative content necessary to enact your proposed plan

  • Any photography, copy, graphics, print files, etc. required to fulfill your plan. This creative output and files become the property of the City of Philadelphia.

Submission Requirements

Respondents should gather the following materials into a single pdf and submit them electronically to Joseph Bamat at joseph.bamat@phila.gov no later than midnight, February 12, 2020.

  • A written statement of qualifications and experience, and related work samples: Describe the background, expertise and experience of the firm, demonstrating ability to provide the requested services. Please include the current number of employees at the firm. Please describe at least three successfully completed projects produced within the past 24 months that relate to the project type and services described above and include sample deliverables of those projects. Note, Revenue encourages the creation of economic opportunities for minority, women, and disabled-owned businesses in its projects, including professional services contracts such as are contemplated here. If respondents feel they can meet these criteria, they should note it in this section of their proposal.
  • Proposed Budget/Pricing: Include pricing for all aspects of the project, including any future maintenance or support costs. Indicate the structure of the pricing (fixed price, cost per sub-project, or other). The budget should include any discounts offered for this engagement.
  • Timeline: Please provide a detailed timeline of the project with a breakdown of tasks required to complete the project before our deadline of June 30, 2020.
  • References: Please provide contact information for three individuals and their organizations for which the project team’s firms have performed successful similar projects in the last 24 months. Revenue may contact these references to inquire about overall performance, work style, individual staff capabilities and project administration.

Selection Process

The Department of Revenue will coordinate the evaluation and selection process, which includes any other stakeholders. Revenue retains the right to reject any and all proposals. Factors that will be considered in the evaluation include:

  • Successful engagement and experience working in/with immigrant communities
  • Quality, depth of specific relevant experience, and qualifications of the firm;
  • Quality, depth of specific relevant experience, and qualifications of the project staff;
  • Value (quality of service for billing structure)

Following an initial review of all proposals submitted, a short-list of applicants may be asked to make an oral presentation and demonstration of their proposal over the phone, via web meeting, or in person, or submit additional information to members of the selection committee prior to selection.

Respondent’s Guarantee

The Respondent guarantees the services will be satisfactory to Revenue, as required in this RFP. If Revenue is dissatisfied with the services, Revenue reserves the right to terminate any agreement for service resulting from this RFP at any time and be relieved of the obligation of continuing with any such agreement. All monies due to contractor for satisfactory and acceptable work completed up to the date of termination of the agreement will be paid upon termination of agreement.

Statements and creative concepts generated in response to this RFP become the sole property of Revenue. Any pricing must remain valid for 90 days. Revenue reserves the right to adjust the specifications or scope of work stated in this RFP.


Respondents should post questions related to this opportunity in the comment section of this listing no later than 5PM, February 6, 2020.

Facsimile proposals will not be accepted. Late or incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Additional information

Figure 1:

Map of most common languages where 80% or less of population speak English, by Census tract.
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8 comments on “RFP for marketing taxpayer assistance programs to immigrant communities
  1. We received this question: Is this opportunity limited only to marketing/creative services companies or would more grassroots organizations be eligible to apply if they’re able to make a compelling case for outreach?

  2. We received this question: do you accept it from an experienced freelancer?

  3. Octodesign says:

    Does the department have a language partner they would like us to use or can we use our own resources?

    • While the City has existing contract and budget for translation services, not all projects will be appropriate to use this service. For purposes of budgeting, the respondent and Revenue will want to evaluate / collaborate to find the best course of action. If a respondent has a proposed language resource, the Department would want to understand why this would be a preferred solution over any existing resources.

  4. Octodesign says:

    Since the language, communities, and messages can change based on the approved strategy, must all our subs be listed or will we have the ability to change them as the project takes on a clearer path for deliverables?

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