What’s the Big Idea?

The City of Philadelphia is looking for ways to work more closely with local businesses, technologists and entrepreneurs. One way we can help foster these relationships is by making information on Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Ideas/Information (RFI) opportunities to work with city departments easy to find and easy to respond to.

This site (currently in beta) posts information on both contract and non-contract opportunities to work with City departments.  When a department or agency of city government has a project that might be a good fit for a local technology company, information on the project will be posted here.

All contract opportunities listed as RFPs are for small to medium-sized projects valued at $34K or under.

All non-contract opportunities listed as RFIs seek information and/or ideas on potential solutions to address municipal challenges.  The results of the RFI are intended to inform how the City might move forward with a contract opportunity but a RFP is not guaranteed to follow any given RFI.

You can register for this site to receive an e-mail notice when a new opportunity is posted. If you already have a GitHub or LinkedIn account, you can use that account to register. You can also subscribe to this site’s RSS feeds to receive notification on the types of projects you are interested in.

Tell us your big ideas for technology projects so that together we can make Philadelphia work better!